Star Club, Inc.


THANK YOU to all of our volunteers!

We value your experience, dedication and passion as you tutor, mentor and nurture the young lives in the STAR program. From August, 2019 to December, 2019, you gave STAR Club over 1,793 hours of your time to invest in the lives of these students.

Nancy Adkins

Lori Adler

Becky Cottle

Karen Burford

Dick Calloway
Libby Calloway

Jacquie Cecil

Tammy Coppola

Denise Ash

Brenda Cyrus
Rose Delaney

Sharon Frame

Kinda Lacy

Joel Harpold

Angie Maze
Julie Graham

Gloria Kesselring

Roger McKenzie

Wyatt Hensley

Ed Kondakdjian
Tom McClure

Belinda Kondakdjian

Kim Lyon

Kevin Nicholas

John Northeimer
Betty Perry

Robin Reynolds

Amy Rhodes

Martha Smith

Mary Whaling

Kelley Young

Robin Young