STAR Club, Inc. is a non-profit 501C3, after-school program for at risk middle school students in the St. Albans, WV community serving Hayes and McKinley Middle Schools.

First Baptist Church received a Memorial Gift in the amount of $104,000 from a church member to be used as seed money for youth programs.  A portion of these funds were used to begin this program, thus STAR Club, Inc. opened its doors on October 15, 2018 to 15 at-risk middle school students and increased to 27 students after January 1, 2019. Our plan is to increase to accommodate 50 students in the 2020-21 school year.  Our research has determined that there is a great need for the services we provide. There are approximately 1,352 middle school aged children living in St. Albans (US Fact Finder/census.gov).  Of those students the average assessment achievement between Hayes and McKinley Middle School that DO NOT meet the Standard performance are as follows:

· 43% Mathematics

· 33% Reading Subjects

· 27% Science

· 41% of the children in these schools come from single parent homes and considered low-income (countyhealthrankings.org). T

· Free or reduced lunch rate for Hayes is 81%,

· McKinley is 69% (WVBOE Office of Child Nutrition)

The criteria for selection of Students to STAR Club, Inc. was based upon the following

At-risk factors:

· Low income,

· Single parent home

· Student is being raised by a grandparent

· Academic failure / retention

· Home environment not conductive to learning

· Students considered special needs (medical/social)

· As per recommendation of their teachers

· Students considered special needs (medical/social/learning disabled.)


Our Mission is to enhance the learning process through tutoring, mentoring and hands on activities.  STAR Club, Inc. has a partnership with the West Virginia State University (WVSU) Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), WVSU Science Technology, Engineering and Math program and United National Bank addressing financial responsibility all of which provides stimulating hands-on learning activities. It is also our mission to insure a safe, nurturing and uplifting environment, free of stress, pressure, and bullying and promotes respect and tolerance of individual differences.

The Club will also provide opportunities and resources for recreation, character education and the development of personal and social skills. In addition, students are provided a nutritionally balance snack each day and have the opportunity to attend the Wednesday evening church fellowship dinner free of charge, and are invited to attend the “Well” – church youth group program weekly.


As STAR Club grows and develops; it will become a catalyst for change in the lives of our students and families. Through mentoring and offering parental educational workshops, we envision having a direct positive effect on the St. Albans community as a whole filtering into neighborhoods, on our streets and into our businesses.


The Club’s goals and vision are implemented by mentoring, tutoring and teaching the following:

· Problem solving skills

· Computer and technical skills

· Financial responsibility

· Health and nutritional awareness

· Life skills

· Violence prevention

· Bullying prevention

· Anger management

· Increase interest in reading, math and science

Meet The Board of Directors

Our Board

Mindy Ilar


Substitute for Kanawha County Board of Education

Community Organizer

Business Owner - Bakery

Steve Stogden

Vice President

Retired – Commercial Insurance & Risk Management Agent

Matt Rhodes


Dunbar Middle School

Assistant Principal

Bonnie Dunn

Board Member

West Virginia State University

Family and Consumer Sciences-Health Disparities/Equities

Jamie Carte

Board Member

Ram Tool Construction Supply Co.

Inside Sales

Copyright © 2020 Star Club, Inc. · All rights reserved. | Legal Notice | Privacy

Copyright © 2020 Star Club, Inc. · All rights reserved. | Legal Notice | Privacy

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